QUT Classic

On the 26th of September, QUT Concert and QUT String Theory performed at the QUT Classic. Unfortunately, we didn’t get any photos of QUT Concert Band performing. After our performance, our members went and celebrated at Pancake Manor.

QMuSo Live

On the 21st of September, Roadside Confusion, Brodie, Jonno Nick and Leo, The Apparition and 2·2·18 absolutely dominated the stage at QMuSo Live!

QUT Guild Wellfest: Jam Sessions

As part of the QUT Guild Wellfest, QUT Music Society hosted Jam Sessions at the Botanic Bar throughout September. The two Jam Session Themes were Jazz and Pop.

Semester 2 O-Week Stall

At the end of July, QUT Music Society hosted a stall at the QUT Orientation Week for Semester 2.

QUT Psychology x Justice Ball

On June 26th, Blackbirds had the pleasure of performing at the QUT Psychology x Justice Ball: Enchanted Garden.

A massive thank you to Get Psyched and QUT Justice Society for this opportunity!

End of Semester 1 Performance

On June 21st, Blackbirds, QUT Concert Band and String Theory all performed at the Queen Street Mall Stage to showcase the repertoire they have worked on over semester one.